Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in Review

Well, it's over. As quickly as it came, it left in the same fashion. I really get bummed when that happens too. As my daughter put it, "I wish Christmas was everyday of the year." It just seems like people are nicer and a lot more thankful during this time of year.

So, let me share with you how our Christmas turned out......

Christmas Eve I worked, of course. However, my boss was nice enough to let me go home 2 hours earlier! The day before I kept saying to my hubby that I hoped that my boss would let me leave early as he had the prior year. This year he let me go a hour and a half earlier than the last.......PAID!

In the evening I first made some brownies for Santa and let Sabrina put them out along with some Eggnog and had a letter all ready for his arrival. Here is a picture:

Afterwards we went onto to track Santa! Sabrina looks forward to seeing this each year. Then off to bed she went as Paul and I finished up our wrapping. We made it to bed by 12:30am.

Then, unexpectedly did I wake up at 5:45am??!! That's right! That is soooo out of the norm for me and I couldn't go back to sleep either. UGH! So my hubby and I ended up getting up and showered as the little one slept. I figured every year, since we go out to breakfast, I'm always rushing before it would get to late from opening gifts and then showering that my hubby would be like "It's getting too late to go out to breakfast." I didn't want to have to hear that again and the feeling of being rushed so I just bit the bullet and got ready.

After a bit, maybe 7:30-ish, we thought we would try and wake Sabrina up (video taping it in the process...hee hee!), we were unsuccessful. 8 o'clock rolled around and that's when I heard those infamous words...."If she doesn't get up soon, it's gonna be too late to go to breakfast." That's when I suggested we go try waking her up again. This time we were successful!

As Sabrina made her way out to the living room, she made her way to Santa's BIG gift......a Hannah Montana bike! She was so excited!! However, she had also asked Santa for a Whoopie Cushion. Let's just say, that thing is going to be put away.....FAR AWAY.....if I have to keep hearing that thing...grrrrr!!!

Paul ended up getting a bunch of SJ Sharks stuff. Which, he already knew with some cause he put a few items in the "basket" online. I was fortunate enough to find a couple items in the store without his knowing. Yes, it's not that easy to find cool Sharks stuff as hockey isn't that popular of a sport here in California.

And onto my gifts! See, Paul had been telling me that I would probably get my camera however, I DO NOT like to know what I'm getting. I love surprises!!! The agreement was, if I got my camera, that would be all that I would get. Fair enough, considering the cost! The night before though he had been wrapping a bunch of presents for me. So Christmas morning, I got to the last gift without having opened a camera just yet. This last gift I still thought would be the camera cause my hubby like to mess with me. As I opened it, to my surprise, it wasn't my camera. It was a panini maker! I was thoroughly delighted as I've been wanting one. At the same time (not to be selfish) but there was a little disappointment as I was still hoping for that camera. I wanted to be able to take the camera to my parent's house to get some nice photos. So I asked my hubby "You really didn't get it?" He's says "I told you I wanted to get it after Christmas." Then he pulls out a wrapped present a little bigger than a gift card. "OK, so I'll use this gift card to go get it then", I thought. I open it and it was a memory card. He says "I wanted to make sure you were all ready for when you got it." Then he reaches around behind him on the other side of the couch and handed me a present. One that looked to be the right size. He sure enough....................I GOT IT!!!! My hubby LOVES me!!!! <3>
Oh, and um.......ignore the fact that I have got a HUGE mouth........GEEZ!!!!!! LOL!
So, let's just say, I've been busy reading over the manual trying to figure out all the settings. So much information for me to absorb with this crappy memory of mine is going to be difficult.
Last night we went down to Best Buy and picked up a second "awesome" lens that zooms even farther!! And because I was squeezing my camera into our video camera case, we thought a case would be nice also (which included another battery and a lens filter). While there, we signed me up for a hour long class to learn all the settings and what not. That will be in a couple weeks though. I can't wait!!!!
So, I'm sure you can imagine I've been going picture crazy! All I have to do now is load the software up and pictures I've already taken and share them with you all!! Yippee!!

OK....I know. Kind of got carried away so back to Christmas. We turned the TV to that holiday log channel and thought to be funny and roast some marshmallows!! LOL! Paul's idea! Here is Paul and Sabrina roasting!

Meanwhile, here I am toasting my tushy!! LOL!!!

We finally made it to breakfast. We went to IHOP this year and I feel I did very well with eating taking WW into consideration. After breakfast, we went home to let our tummies settle and then made our way to my parent's house. It was the three of us, my mom, dad, brother, my SIL, my grandma and my aunt (my dad's sister). We had a lovely time however, seeing my grandma and with the dementia really taking over her, it was very sad. Not so funny this time. With her constantly forgetting where she is and who she is in a matter of minutes, we have to keep reminding her. Her mind was telling her one thing and we had to straighten it out for her that she thought everyone was messing with her. She even told Paul that she doesn't want to be here like this anymore. Well.....unfortunately, not in those exact words. It is really sad and I hate to see her like this. I did let her know how much we love her though and tried to reassure her that she belonged there with us. Poor grandma! *sigh* All in all though, it was a lovely Christmas and I'm so glad I was able to spend it with the most important people in my life that I love so very much!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!!!!! Whatever holiday or beliefs it is you celebrate! Sorry if I missed anyone in my last post. I really didn't mean to. BIG HUGS!!!!

Also as a reminder, Fabulous Foto Friday will pick up where we left off on January 9th. If you are new, check the rules out here and join us on January 9th for some picture fun! Everyone is welcome to participate!!


The Wife O Riley said...

What a great holiday! We did the TV fire thing on Christmas Eve too, the favorite comment was, "I need to step away from the fire, I'm getting too hot."

Ejoy your camera and your mouth is the perfect size, you look really happy and excited.

QM said...

It sounds so fun! I wish I could celebrate Christmas like you do. Sigh, if only there was snow where I come from.

And thank you for reading my post, I really appreciate it(:

Have a wonderful year ahead! ((;

Yaya said...

Sounds like you're spoiled....Lol!!!

Love the pics of roasting marshmallows, and your tush!

So sorry about your Grandma :( That is just heartbreaking. I cannot imagine.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

What an absolutely beautiful holiday you shared with your family. I loved reading about all of the different ways you celebrated.

Isn't tracking Santa on the internet the best? I just heard about being able to do so this month. Growing up in the internet age for our kids really ain't so bad, is it?

Also, I have to tell you that I am absolutely GREEN with envy regarding your camera, but am looking forward to all of the wonderful photos that you will be posting to your blog in 2009!

Happy New Year!

Trina said...

Looked like a great holiday! Nice to see channel 36 warming your bootie! lol!!

The Blonde Duck said...

Saying hi from SITS!

Diamond said...

You lucky, lucky girl, you! lol I KNEW I wasn't going to get mine, so no disappointment here, but I LOVE the way hubby tricked you! Ha, ha! Have lots and lots of fun with it :-).

Stesha said...

Oh Kimmy I am truly a good way of course. I did get a camera. A Kodak Easyshare, but I can't wait until I am able to take pictures like the "big girls". My pictures look out of focus. Practice makes perfect.