Friday, December 5, 2008


So here it is, my very first Fabulous Foto Friday weekly blog. Check the rules out here.

Believe it or not, I actually neglected my camera this week. Of all the weeks to neglect it, it had to be this week. The one where I've started my weekly blog post. I know, I know. Next week will be better. Promise! :o) So, without further edu, here's mine:

The first picture I actually took this morning outside my house. One of the many things that I absolutely LOVE about Christmas time is fog. I'm a California girl so I don't do snow. Fog will work just fine for me. It kind of gives off that nice white look that snow gives. Well, sort of. And you don't have to worry about shoveling it or getting frost bitten toes. Sorry, snows nice to visit but I'll take my fog any day :O)

This second picture is my dog. He's not too happy here cause I made him wear this cute little shirt that I bought at Target. He's my Santa's little helper. :O) I love dressing him but he tends to act wounded whenever I put all the apparel stuff on him. As soon as I took the shirt off, he started jumping around like my little deer that he is :o) I'm gonna get that on video one day, I!

OK, now it's your turn! If you already did yours, go ahead and enter your name in Mr. Linky so that we can all go visit. Don't forget to send some comment love!!


Denise said...

You know...I like the fog too! I don't know why - but I do! Driving in it is a different thing - but looking outside when there is fog is cool!

AND I love the apparel for the dog - too bad he hates it!

I added my friend Brandy's name to Mr. Linky - I saw that she did FFF and wasn't sure if she'd know to sign or not so I did it for her! I know Trina needs to sign - she may not get to it today though and I think someone else did it too! :)

Denise said...

Oh - I also see my friend Serenity did it too! :) YAY for FFF!

Give it time to grow and it will! :)

(Or at least that is what I tell myself for Thankful Tuesday!)

Serenity said...

I dont miss the California fog, I prefer the snow...go figure :D
Sorry it took me a long time to sign Mr Linky I had a busy weekend, but I so love doing this and will have to add you to my roll and all that tonight :)
My dogs also act wounded when fitted with clothes, they walk around like I just broke their I think it is more entertaining to watch the way they act then to actually try to dress them. :)

Kristen said...

Love your fog photo. I wonder why dogs don't like to dress up when they look soooo cute