Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Weekly Assignment

This sure was a busy week for me! Posting blog after blog after blog. Geez!

So here are this week's prompts from Mama Kat:

The Prompts:

1.) Allergies much?
2.) Worst dentist experience ever.
3.) Describe a "new road" you've taken in your life.
4.) What would you say to a mouse who could talk?
5.) Who is the best listener you know? What makes him or her such a good listener?

This week I choose to do #5!

Who is the best listener I know? Honestly? ME!!!

Why I say myself over anyone else I know is because I can talk to myself and not be interrupted. I can vent and be pissed off or cry and not have to worry that someone is going to try and make me feel like I am being ridiculous about my feelings or wrong about what it is I'm pissed off about. I know what I want to hear and I know what my feelings are and I don't think they're ridiculous. I reason with myself about things and I always seem to agree with myself!

I think my husband is a good listener....sometimes but I have to compete with the sports that are playing on the television. I have to ask him to look at me so I know he hears me. Or better yet, I'll ask him "What did I just say?" Sometimes he can answer back, sometimes not.

Then you have my mom. She's a good listener also, but again, same as DH. I have to ask her "What did I just say?" because when my daughter is around and I need to talk to my mom, she'll focus on my daughter and helping her with something (when it can wait) rather than hearing me first and then going to do the grandma thing.

Then you have one of my BFF's (name withheld...hee hee). She's a good listener but when I may be wrong about something, she'll let me know and maybe at the time, I just don't want to hear it.

So, yes! I am the BEST listener that I know!


Kristen said...

If you can't talk to yourself who else can you talk to?

Linda said...

lol You are so funny my friend!! :o) But, you know...I'd have to agree with you!

Mama Wheaton said...

I'm with you, no one can understand you as well as you can yourself.

Brandy said...

I think everyone is a good listener in some way...So i am sure you are. Thanks for the fun assignment

Trina said...

hahaha...thats great! I listen to myself..then I argue with myself...then I'm mad at I'm not too sure if I'm good enough!! lol!!

Trina said...

Thank you!

Trina said...

Thanks Kimmy!! Hugs are always welcome...and yes they do help me to get out of my funk!!! lol! I'm not sure what it is either..and I hope it passes soon!!
Hope youre having a good week! And PS...I've already done my FFF!! YAY!!

Jennie said...

I always ask my husband to look at me while I am talking, and he gets aggrivated, because he says that he can multi task and listen to me at the same time... .I really doubt it....

Thanks for stopping by my blog....