Thursday, February 26, 2009 Frustration...

Oh boy, I just can't seem to make up my mind. I'm sure some of you have come by my place to visit and noticed that I keep changing my background. Something you may not know, but soon will discover about me....I get bored easily. I'll like one background one day and not more than a day or two later will I want to change it. It can be from the color to the simplicity of it. Something will just strick me wrong and it'll be the end to that one. I know what I'm looking for but I just can't find it. I like to keep with the seasons. I like pastels (i.e. pinks, purples, blues, yellows), butterflies, ladybugs, flowers, polka dots, strips. When I'm looking for these certain things, I'm not finding the combinations that I like. Or when I do, I have to pay for them which I have chosen long ago that I will NOT pay for a layout because I know how bored I get after awhile. I'll end up spending too much money. I think that I just need to learn how to create my own backgrounds.

So, what do you all think of this lucky winner I have chosen this fine day?!

Onto a different subject.....
Do you have any idea what I am dealing with the very minute as I type these words???? I have a 6 yr old in the next room over (her room) having a crying fit. About 35 minutes ago, we were painting on a taracotta pot. Putting flowers, butterflies, bumble bees and ladybugs on it. She decided that she didn't like how something of hers turned out and that's where it all began. She wanted to throw it away. I told her she obviously needed to take a break. I proceeded to clean up and told her to put the pot outside to dry. That's when she again went to put it in the garbage. Just before she did, I reminded her that if she threw it away, she will pay me for the flower pot and then go to her room. She of course retained herself. She continued the attitude and crying that I told her to go to her room and write about her behavior. She of course gave me the continual "It's just not fair".
So now, 35 minutes later she has finally calmed down. I tried to stay as calm as possible. Normally I would have been all worked up and would have just made matters worse but this time I managed to contain myself.....with just one outburst cause my nerves were running on overdrive. I had to release some tension. I think I'm allowed, right?!
Okay, off to my Weight Watcher meeting. Wish me luck!


Nikki B. said...

Girls are so dramatic, aren't they??

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I like the background. The daisies seem to be very fitting as we move into spring.

I forgot to say thank you for your lovely award, Kimmy. You have been a wonderful bloggy friend to us and I am very appreciative.

Why aren't we following you? Let's correct that, shall we?


{Diamond} said...

You definitely are entitled! You did the right thing by just letting her go cool off.

Good luck at your meeting!