Monday, February 9, 2009

Love & Hate.......and Sadness.

For the last few days I've had a lot of stuff on my mind. Things that have hurt my heart really bad this week. I'm not big on using the word "hate" loosely as it is a very strong word. However, these things I will be listing are how I currently feel.


I love it when I am able to help a friend in need out, such as watching a friend's dog.
I hate not knowing if when the dog was in my care, that she ate something that wouldn't pass and my friend had to put her dog down 5 days later. My heart hurts and it makes me deeply sad that I may loose my friendship over this.

I love it when my child tells me she loves me and gives me big hugs and kisses.
I hate it that we were told that she wishes my BIL (who acts 6yrs old yet is 27) and his fiance were her parents because they are more fun cause they play with her. My heart has never been so broken. I know she's 6 and probably doesn't know how to express her feelings that well into words but it still hurts.......BAD!

I love that my child has apologized and didn't mean to hurt us and that she does want us to be her parent's still.
I hate that it still hurts and that it probably will for awhile.

I love it when we go out to dinner and spend quality time together.
I hate it when parents in the restaurant don't watch their children and let them run amuck.

I love it that we have a nice meal at that restaurant and finish eating before the hate part......
I hate it when one of the children that was running amuck ends up throwing up right next to our table.


Do you have any Love & Hate situations in your life right now?


Kristen said...

Oh...I so love that I found you in blog world and I hate that it's not in the real world!

I feel for you and your daughter...I'm sure she didn't mean it the way it felt :(

Denise said...

Oh sweetie! DO NOT feel that it was YOUR fault about the dog! These things happen unfortunately. I know that must really hurt your heart though - my heart breaks into a billion pieces for you!

And as for your daughter...I am sure she didn't mean it THAT way. Kids say things. Maybe she was upset that she had to do some chores or that you corrected her and she said that. Kids will do that. I know I did that. BUT NEVER EVER would I want my parents replaced. She doesn't either! I promise!

Now - just be sure to remind me that when Emily gets her age and she does the same thing!

(((HUG))) I love your blog today - and I think I'll copy your idea!

Young Momma said...

I really love this idea!!! I hate that bad things had to happen to make this post. :(

Now.. Don't feel that it's your fault!!!! Dogs do those things. Everything in life has a reason! I feel awful for you, because I can imagine how it would hurt to feel that and to possibly lose a friendship. I hope things work out.

About your daughter, she didn't mean it and you know that. That doesn't make it not hurt. She loves you. Remember, if she had to spend time with them on a daily basis she'd realize that life isn't always fun and games with them either.

And the restaurant thing... I'd flip!!! Threw up NEXT to your table?!?!?! I would have thrown up on him! lol

The Wife O Riley said...

I'm sorry you're feeling blue.

It's not your fault about the dog, but I know it still hurts.

When my daughter was your daughter's age, she wanted to live with my father and stepmother. I hated that becaue he was such a crappy dad to me and I didn't understand it. Thankfully, she's over it.

I told her that it was fun to go over there and play for a little while, but if she lived there, they would have rules too and it wouldn't just be playing all the time.

{Diamond} said...

Wow, there are quite a few, but I usually save them for my "Tuesday Things", and try to label them differently although, honestly, it really is a "love/Hate" list (lol).

Hope everything works out with your friend. And try not to let your daughter's words hurt, she's only 6. Wait until she's 16, and the really hurtful words come! But she still won't mean them, she'll only say them because she's upset. I've learned that one first hand. Although it still hurts, try to understand what made her say them, then you'll see it's not personal. Hope that made sense :-).

Stesha said...

I love Kimmy who always laughs at my blog posts when they are funny!

I hate people who come to my blog and take my posts to heart. Get a sense of humor people!

I love that you will soon feel better!

I hate that you feel bad now.

Linda said...

My friend, you and I have already spoken about this on the phone, so I have nothing else to add that I or your friends here haven't already said....I am just glad that you are feeling better now, and that I could be there for you when you needed me.
Love your friend,


Trina said...

Aww...I feel so bad that I havent been on here lately to give you love...well here it is....a BIG ((HUG)) coming your way! I love that things are getting better and I hate that your heart was hurting!!