Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!

Here's something different! Summer over at Le Musings of Moi started a blogversation where you post a video of yourself showing everyone what is in your purse. Cute, right?! I wanted to participate cause I thought how cool would it be for all of you to see me and my personality. Basically get to know me a little more rather than it all be through writing, right?!

So anywho, I'm terrible with this sort of thing. It basically took a bunch of tries before we (I had my daughter participate) got it right. BWT, watch my daughter at the beginning....she's such a ham! Oh, and also notice Mr. Sharks bobble-head in the bottom right hand corner, courtesy of my hubby. He wanted to put his stamp on the video cause I made him leave so I wouldn't get all nervous.

Hope you enjoy!

So, what's in your purse?! Do you dare share??!!


Summer said...

Oh no, it says its private...

Let me try again...

The Wife O Riley said...

Ummmm....The video camera's not working...and I can't find my purse...and the kitchen's on fire...Maybe another time.

Your daughter is too cute! I love when she was dumping over your purse to get the last out!

Summer said...

You guys are so cute, I can't stand it. Your daughter reminds me of myself when I was little. Such a ham. ;-)

I want that WW mixer thing, what is it???

Linda said...

lol...Sabrina is such a ham! She totally cracks me up!!
Ok, even if I was a blogger, I don't think I'd do the purse video...I have ALOT of junk in there...and right now I am sure I'd even find some of Daniel's boogie rags. :o) NICE!
Love Paul's little signiture. You are all such goofballs! :o)

Love your friend,

Stesha said...

Calling Coach and asking for a refund. We have the exact same purse, but I think I am missing some

Chick, I thought I was bad. I said how much stuff does Kimmy have in her purse?

Anywho, I can't show you what's in my purse because I am too lazy to get out of bed at the moment.

Hugs and Mocha,

Mama Kat said...

Hi, popped over from Summer's...great job!! It takes a lot of guts to put videos up of ourselves doesn't it!?! Nerve racking...though you're daughter seems to be a natural. Oh my gosh what a cutie!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Loved this clip! My favorite part: the little starlit by your side. She is an absolute natural in front of the camera. Posing, smiling, and dare I say it, perhaps even flirting a bit? :)

Great fun, Kimmy. Thanks!


The Adventures of France & Deirdre said...

That was good.......I am afraid to see what is in mine!

{Diamond} said...

What a cool idea! Maybe I'll try it if I get brave lol. And what weight are you watching, cuz I don't see it, girl! Love the bag and the pink wallet :-D.

You and your daughter are what I call "cutie-patooties"! lol

Christy said...

your daughter was too funny :)