Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something you should know when vacationing.

Something caught my eye as I was browsing my home page of the Internet. So I decided to click the link, a link that feed me more information into the world of hotels. To me, someone who loves to travel, go places and create memories, it is important at times to stay in a hotel.

I'm not naive to the possibilities of non-cleanliness that goes on in these rooms. Heck, the first time my hubby and I stayed at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, not more than 6 months after the hotel opened it's doors to the public, were we welcomed to a room that had a soiled towel hanging from the bathroom door, a half empty glass of water on the nightstand, a beer bottle cap on the window seal and a wet wade of tissue on the floor next to the tub. I was appalled and I immediately called the front desk for a clean room too!

I have on a couple occasions watched shows similar to this article, that give you a glimpse into what goes on inside hotels. Whether it be the guest or the housekeeper. It is all too disturbing too. After watching these shows, I vow to bring my own linens but then when the time comes, I always forget.

It amazes me though, how many filthy people there are out there. I avoid walking barefoot on the carpet because people with athletes foot could have walked on there. It also worries me, as a mom who has had to deal with lice, wonders if there were kids in the room previously who may have been a carrier? Or if the sheets were even changed. On the shows I've seen, they show were they take a black light to the sheets and it shows so much to be undesired. Then I think to myself, did I sleep in the same bed on the same sheets with someone else's bodily fluids??? YUCK!

Anytime we check out of our rooms, we always make a point to clean up after ourselves. I think it says a lot about a person. I know some people that have done some really crude things just to be mean. Yes, they are usually men that does this which shows the mentality. No offense men! Just stating the truth here.

So, the next time I stay somewhere, I will TRY and remember to bring my own linens, extra pair of socks, maybe my own bleach and some Lysol to spray on the remote.

Do you have any stories to share of nightmare hotels?


Stesha said...

When we stay at a hotel, I always bring lysol and spray the door handles and the toilets down.

My sister worked at a hotel and she said the housekeepers would tell her how some rooms they didn't even change the seats.


Hugs and Mocha,

Mary Moore said...


{Diamond} said...

I guess people get so caught up in the excitement of a vacation, that they take the little things, like cleanliness, for granted. I'm getting the "willies" just thinking about what's inside those mattresses!

p.s. Did you get your invite?