Sunday, December 19, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 16

I know this is a bit late but sometimes life happens. So here's to catching up.....

Dear Santa,

Well, hello there jolly 'ole Saint Nick! How have you and the lovely lady been these days? Can't leave out the reindeers. They really are a treat to have come to my house. You know, we are the ones that leave little carrots for them on our front lawn. We want to make sure they have enough energy to finish up the rest of California on through to Hawaii. It seems like they enjoy the little treat too!

We also love to switch it up for you each year. My husband seems to think leaving you some spiked eggnog might be a little treat but I'm all about having a designated driver and well, goodness knows you have to help guide the reindeers so I told the hubby "No!" Maybe we can leave a nice bottle of Baileys to take home with you and the Mrs. We'll see.

So, my daughter seems to tell me that each time she sees you at the mall, when she tells you her couple of items she would like for Christmas, it seems as though she always gets the very first item on her list. With that being said, and I don't want to get greedy but if you can find the space in that little red bag of yours, I would sure love to have that nice 2010 Chevy Camero I can't seem to stop yapping about. I'm sure my hubby would appreciate it if I would stop asking for it also. If need be, I can leave a few bottles of Baileys (or any other liqueur of choice) if it would help you to find a little more space in that bag. Just an idea ;o)

Well, thanks for all the happy little tales you provide each year for my child. It truly is lots of fun!

Yours truly,



Have you written a letter to Santa?

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