Sunday, December 19, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 17

My idea of a perfect Christmas

My idea of a perfect Christmas is clearly spent with my family. This is how I like to spend it...

We wake up around 6am to go out to the living room to open the gifts under the tree. The we go get dressed (shower later) and go out to breakfast. Each year is a different place usually. This year we may go to Carrow's or IHOP. Then we come hope and shower and play with our new things. Then we head on over to spend the next several hours at my parent's house where we chitty chat, visit, watch bits and pieces of Christmas Story through out the evening. Then we sit down for a lovely meal as we enjoy fun stories and laugh and just enjoy the company. Meanwhile, I try and catch some candid photos through out the evening. Then we hear my daughter constantly (relentlessly) bug about opening gifts. Finally we open gifts as we try and let our tummy's settle. By the time we are finished with the gifts, it will be time for dessert. Then we sit and watch some tv and then we head home to snuggle. Watch Christmas Story from start to finish......finally. Then it's bedtime.

Yep, that's my idea of the perfect Christmas! That's exactly how our Christmas' are each year too! Love it! Love my Family!!


What's your idea of the perfect holiday?

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