Saturday, September 20, 2008

Anticipation For The End Of Hiatus

Raise your hand if you're excited for your shows to come back on!! Mine has already started with Kitchen Nightmares. I really like that Chef Ramsey! The first time I saw him on Hells Kitchen, I thought he was bit of an ass but as I've watched him on Kitchen Nightmares, the guy really has a passion for what he does. He just tries to get others to have that same passion. Some people just need a real ass kicking to "get it". There are a lot of people out there with egos that get the best of them and think they are good at what they do when they're not and don't like to hear criticism but at that point, they need to hear it to better themselves. Great show!! Love it!!

Next up......Ghost Whisperer! I love this show on so many different levels. It has a spookiness about it that you don't usually get from most shows. I wasn't much of a Jennifer Love Hewitt Fan before this show but now, I love her!! With the fact that I'm a huge fan of horror movies, this show hits the right spot for me. I love my weekly dose of ghost and spooks! Since having my daughter though, I've noticed I have become a little bit of a woos with the horror and gore cause I keep picturing the characters as being "someones child". The way they hacked up and tortured leaves an uneasy feeling with me. Maybe it's me? Maybe it's the mommy in me? Who knows. I just know this show hits the spot for me!

And lastly.....Desperate Housewives!! I'm not sure what to expect with this new years season. With the story line moving us 5 years forward, will it be good or will it be the breaking point for the show? The previews look good but they always show us the best and juiciest parts. I'm always a hopeful one for my shows! I always see the best in them while others dissect it and rip it apart. I've watched it from day one and hope to see it another few years.

So, with 8 days left for Desperate Housewives and 13 days for Ghost Whisperer, the countdown begins..............

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