Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anticipation for the holidays

I'm not sure why but this year I am ready to say goodbye to the hot weather and sweaty nights. It's so out of the norm for me too, being the "summer girl" that I am. I don't know what it is. I keep daydreaming of the foggy mornings and cozy-ing up with a blanket next to my babe at night watching movies. Taking early morning drives up to Apple Hill for the oh so anticipated apple goodness. I keep thinking of all the good photos I can capture during that time of year, hoping to make my own portfolio one day.

I can't wait for our 2nd annual Haunted House we put on. We had such a good turn out last year that I can only imagine this year will be better. It's such hard work and takes a week to put together but the end result is so satisfying!

I don't normally like the rain, but I'm ready for the holiday season. I can't wait for Thanksgiving and just spending time together with family. Eating the most delicious turkey dinner that we share once or twice a year that I look so forward to! Just the atmosphere of the holidays is simply the best!

I'm also ready to cut down our Christmas tree this year rather than using our packed away annual tree. Ready to watch my yearly dose of A Christmas Story! Ready to hit the mall to do my "last minute" Christmas shopping. I've never been one to plan ahead when it comes to Christmas but I don't mind the crowded Christmas rush. OK, so maybe when people start to get rude is when I get frustrated but overall, I just love the holidays and the feeling it brings. It's also the best to see all the Christmas lights on peoples houses and know that there are so many people in the same holiday spirit. I love to hit Starbucks and grab my usual, Tazo Chai Latte and then make our way to Antioch's Shannondale Dr. for their annual Christmas decorations.

Time passes quickly enough as it is, I shouldn't rush it cause it will come soon enough.

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Denise said...

I am with you on fall hurrying up!

We use to do a haunted house - I think we did it for 3 years straight and it was a BLAST! The last time we did it was awesome - our best turnout - and the most screams! Then Ms. Emily came along and we didn't do it last year. I wonder if we will this year?

At any rate - I am with you...HURRY UP COZY WEATHER!