Monday, September 8, 2008

Saying goodbye to a bad picture?

This year was the year that I was FINALLY able to update my horrible drivers license picture. The picture that was the most embarrassing because it was the picture that was taken right after I had Sabrina.

So, the end of July I went down to DMV in Concord with my brother (because Pittsburg is horrible and takes longer). I made sure before I left to check in the mirror just how my hair should be, whether it should be behind my shoulder or in front. Checked my smile out. Made sure my makeup looked good. OK....I was ready!! I was feeling good too! A new picture AND I was getting rid of the old weight..LOL! I had both things haunting me for the last 5 years and I was anticipating the fact that I didn't have to live with it any longer.

I went up to the counter, had all my information updated, proofed the paper to make sure all was correct and the DMV lady said to go to the right to take my picture. YAH, the time has come. I take it and a part of me wanted to ask the guy if I could check just to make sure it looked ok cause I didn't want to go another 5 more years with a crappy picture. I chickened out! Like he would have let me check it anyways.

Four weeks go by and still no driver's license. I called to make sure it didn't get lost in the mail. The guy asked what my address was and I told him. He said that it had the correct street address but that the city was listed as Antioch, CA. I checked that too! Damn DMV!! (They even screwed Paul's up by putting a Lake Tahoe zip code on his. We didn't notice until one of the casino dealers in Lake Tahoe, pointed it out.) I went ahead and corrected the address and was once again, waiting.....the suspense was killing me!

Well, a month and a half later......IT'S HERE!!! I opened it and..................................................WHAT?? Not again!! Ewwwww, I don't like it!!! I don't like my smile ONE BIT! My hair didn't even look good. I'm so disappointed! And just when I thought I was done with one bad photo, I'm back to another bad photo. I think DMV should let us preview our pictures before they send us on our way. Heck, they should let me retake my photo just for the fact that they screwed up my address and made me wait so long. Damn it! *sigh*


Denise said...

We won't even discuss my last one!!! Hands down I can bet millions yours wasn't as bad as mine! The lady said "smile" and then told me it was done. I started walking away with a semi-smile on my face and she snapped it! I wasn't even looking at the camera. AND...I was pregnant too! ALL BAD!

I just had another taken and I asked her if it was good and she hesitated and then said yes. I told her last time she said that and it was the WORST one ever. Asked if I could see it and she said no. WHATEVER. I have had other DMVs let me see it. So...the anticipation begins. I should receive it fairly soon! SCARY!

The Adventures of France & Deirdre said...

That totally sucks Kim! I think you need to complain to DMV! You go girl!!