Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday rant

Ok, can I just rant for a few minutes??? I am seriously stressed beyond stressed right now and I just need to let off some steam.

One, sure we went to Disneyland this past weekend and I was able to enter into the world of fantasy for all of a day and a half but reality came back too quick. On Friday, just before we left on our 6 hour journey to "The Happiest Place on Earth", I arrived at home from work. I knew that Paul had parked the rental car into the garage cause we don't like people to see up packing to go away. The garage give us that privacy. So, when I arrived home from work, I parked my car in the driveway. I went into the house to grab the last minute essentials, change my clothes from work and last potty call. I go outside so that I can pull my car off the driveway so we can get the rental car out of the garage and then I can pull my car into the garage. Well, it didn't go that smoothly. I get into my car, put the key into the ignition and turn it, click is all I fricken got. The damn starter went out in my car. SHIT! More money! We ended up just putting it into neutral to get it off the driveway and then got the rental car out of the garage and pushed my car into the garage. Paul was hoping to be able to change the starter himself but he just got done looking to see where it was and he would have to take things apart and he doesn't want to mess with it, which is fine by me cause I've been stressing about him going under my car anyway. Afraid the car would fall on him while he was under it.

Second, I know not everyone will agree with me on this issue but again, this is my blog and I don't want to feel like I have to censor myself. I have a right to voice my opinion and I will do it here to the full extent if need be. (NOTE: Skip this part if you don't want to hear what I have to say). It's this damn election business. I'm so stressed out about it. It just seriously irritates the living daylights out of me to think that there are people out there voting for McCain/Palin after the last 8 years we've had with Bush. Bush has put us 10 trillion dollars in debt. Meanwhile, today McCain made a comment about the economy being a little bad but it will end up being fine. The last person that made a similar comment was President Hoover right before the country went into a great depression. Right on! The fricken guy is CLUELESS! Also, I'm hearing people like Palin because she funny? Who gives a shit if she's funny. That's not gonna run this country. Plus she kills animals for sport. I'm an animal lover and that don't fly with me ONE BIT! Also, if she's gonna cut the special needs funds for Alaska by 65%, can you imagine what she's gonna do for our country. Looks like she paid for that one herself. Hell, she doesn't even know what the Bush Doctrine is or knows anything about foreign affairs. Boy, that's what we want in the White House, yeah right! Can you imagine if McCain kills over cause he's old and SHE's left to run this country??? HOLY SHIT!! This country is headed for another depression and I don't want to be homeless because people don't want to vote for a black man or because his name is Obama (lame!). He is the only real hope for this country right now. I'm looking for the best choice for my daughter's future and McCain has NOTHING to offer my child. We can't take another 4 more years of this. It also doesn't make sense that "middle class" people would even vote Republican. Democrats are clearly for the middle class. Republicans are for the "upper class". My sister-in-law complains that she can't afford to move out of mommy and daddy's house. She's 38 years old. Thank the Republicans for that one!!!! They don't give a shit about us "little people". That's a proven fact!

And last but surely not the least, Paul's job. We can't seem to get any hits right now on his resume. That's how bad the economy is. There really aren't that many jobs out there. I'm getting worried. Paul is the bread winner in the family and I don't know how much time "T" is gonna give Paul. It's already been 2 weeks. I know these things take time but the clock is ticking for us right now. It's just a good thing we have some money saved but it's not gonna last that long. We've even been asking friends to keep their eyes open for us, meanwhile I've been checking online for jobs and what not. A year ago I would have never thought that "T" would have betrayed Paul like this. I can care less about his friendship now. It's sad to say but it's the fact. I've basically washed my hands of him. I don't even go there anymore cause I don't want to see his face. *sigh*

Ok, enough of the next blog will be on a brighter note. I promise!!

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