Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sooner than we thought

A few days ago Paul asked me to put together a resume for him. OK, I can do that.....with his help! I think he thought I knew exactly what he does at work. Sure, I know a lot of what he does but I'm not there everyday with him to be able to jot down all the little things or even the big things in great detail. With Paul being at this job for 17 years, it makes his resume look a bit vacuous. I keep telling him that I need also an objective and well, just more details! He keeps putting it off. We don't have time to put it off anymore.

Yesterday we got word that "T" is going to take over Paul's position cause how the business is doing. With the economy, it's just getting bad. Paul has told "T" how to handle it but since "T" won't take Paul's advise and thinks he can do it on his own, Paul is the one to suffer because he makes the most money. We were so angry yesterday. "T" is being good about it though, giving Paul time to look for a job. How much time? That is to be left unknown. "T" just said "we'll work something out" if it gets to be a month or so. It's just scary.

So, I don't know what to do. I know a resume is basically selling someone. Telling the potential employer to "Hire Me!!" I want it to look good for Paul so he doesn't have to deal with this employment search too long. It's become quite stressful but I'm just continuing to try to think of the positives.

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The Adventures of France & Deirdre said...

Wow Kim! I am around if you wanna talk, vent or share frustrations! I am having issues with my job and can totally understand!! Love ya!!