Monday, February 1, 2010

Make a Difference

I've been thinking....

With as negative as this world seems to be, all the sadness people are going through from personal challenges, death in a family, marriage problems, financial troubles, horrible medical insurance, housing market crashing to natural disasters. It's rough these days. I know cause I'm feeling the impact of it.

I thought, why not set a personal goal. Do something nice for someone at least once a week. Not only will this bring joy to someone but it will make me feel good that I probably put a smile on someones face, or at least warmed their heart.

Lately, when I'm sitting at a light and I see a homeless person standing on the corner holding a sign that reads "Homeless. Will work for money", my heart just aches for them. So I've been digging in my purse to spare a couple dollars for them. Even though money is tight, I'm just grateful I have a warm home with a bed and blanket and a fridge with food in it to feed myself and my family.

We don't always know what makes someone sad, angry or grumpy. When someone does something to us, we really don't know what happened to them earlier that day to make them that way. I know I try to never take my problems out on someone but I'm not the same person as the next. We all react to things differently.
I've been thinking...
I'm going to make it a goal each week to do something nice for someone. Then, I'll come back each Monday and share with you what I did and what the person's response was. Why not join me in this. We can make a difference!


lagirl/sweeet tea said...

"Random Acts of Kindness" - we can all afford to do that...and you're right we reap the benefits as well.

Lisa Petrarca said...

Awesome Kimmy! I did this a while back & it makes such a difference not only in the persons day but in yours as well.

Thanks for the reminder, I'm on board! I guess I needed this nudge to step it up!!

Summer said...

I LOVE this goal!!! I need to be doing this as well. I'll make it my February goal of the month!