Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting Back on Track

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These last few weeks I've been feeling, hmm.....well, a little blah with myself.

I've been eating whatever and just not really paying attention. That's when I tend to blow it. I make a point to step on the scale just about every morning. It's my way of staying on track.

Ever since I went to Weight Watchers and lost this weight, I've made a pack with myself. I lost this weight and I'm not gonna blow it. I didn't lose it for nothing!

With weighing myself almost daily, I seem to teeter between 5 lbs. Well, for these last few weeks I seem to be on the higher end of the 5 lbs. I can still fit into my jeans, which is a good thing but to me, this is where we make our mistakes. Not acknowledging it and doing something about it. So, I am acknowledging it and doing something.

Yesterday I started walking again! YAH! I'm so happy too! It was a 3 miles walk around a lake. I met up with my SIL and had my daughter and dog. It felt good to get out there and focus on me and my health. My legs are super sore today though but that's okay.

I plan on getting back out there tomorrow and hopefully Saturday and every week hereafter.

With this Vegas trip coming up, I need to look my best, right?! ;O)

What are you doing to stay focused or just just taking time out for YOU?

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Date Girl said...

I've been trying to count calories and work out at least a little bit every day. I've let myself get off track this week though because of preparing for vacation. I'm packing my running shoes though and I plan to use them!

Good luck staying on track. I would say maybe weigh yourself once a week otherwise you'll obsess. That's what I've been trying to do.