Monday, June 14, 2010

Remember This...

There have been a few things heavy on my heart lately and I wanted to get it off my chest.

In the past week there have been a few tragedies that have happened.

One being a murder suicide that happened locally. Even though it wasn't someone I knew, it was however, the BFF of someone I knew. It made local headlines. It was a husband and a wife and they have two children, who fortunately were not home at the time.

The other being the BIL of a friend of ours. He just passed away from cancer, melanoma. He was just 40 yrs old and had a wife and 3 young children.

With these two things happening, it just makes me so sad and breaks my heart. It also puts things into prospective and makes me remember not to take life or our loved ones for granted. Life is too precious! We need to remember this. If we forget about what is important in life, when the time comes, it may be too late.

Remember to tell your family and friends you love them!

Remember to hug your child!

Remember to play with your kids more!

Remember to take lots of pictures!

Remember to smile more!

Remember to laugh more!

Remember each moment!

Remember to breathe!

Remember to slow down!

Remember to embrace life!

Remember to live life!


Sweet Tea said...

Here's a ((HUG)) for you. What sad things you have had in your area of the world lately...You are absolutely right about taking the time to "be". Great reminder and full of truth...Cry for a bit, but remember to get back on track and ENJOY - life is a gift.

Jules said...

So sorry to hear this....

We all need to remember to treasure each and every day with our loved ones....

Jingle said...

thoughtful words.