Monday, June 21, 2010

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!

With as many times as we have been to Vegas, there was bound to be some stories I could share, right?! Of course!

So, I have decided to share one. Let's get started now, shall we....

One word........E-Brake! When we have rented cars in the past, we get playful with them. In Vegas, we do it all the time. When we're in the parking garages, we will be coming up to another car and pull the e-brake and then bust up laughing. With it being in the parking garage, the screech echos so it sounds louder than ever. It's so funny but I'm sure the cars in front of us didn't appreciate the humor in it.

Disclaimer: We don't do this anymore!!! This was something we did when we were younger!!

So, one time we were driving down Tropicana Blvd and I was driving, as always. Yes, I'm the one that is driving all the time when we are doing these fun little destructive things. Anyways, while we were driving, we spotted a target. Some guy walking down the street and as we got right up on him, we pulled the e-brake and made such a loud screech and you should have seen this guy jump. We scared this poor guy. He probably thought a car was seriously going to hit him.

We have a video of it. You can't actually see the guy get scared cause we passed him but you hear me laughing and my husband laughing and saying the guy got scared. I was going to share the video but it may just become annoying from my laughing the whole time and just the whole thing being childish. So, I decided not to cause I don't want to annoy.


Well, we'll be coming home tomorrow. I'm sure we've been having lots of fun but since I'm writing this Saturday morning before our flight, I can only imagine the fun we are having by the time you all are reading this. I know I will be sad to leave tomorrow too. Until then.....I'm gonna enjoy it while I'm still here...or there, since I'm not there yet. Um....well, you know what I mean! ;o)

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A. K. said...

Risky yet funny.. Sometimes we need to chill out and have some fun.. Life is too sort to be serious...