Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Kind Of Like This

Don't you just love the smells of vacation when you go to the beach?

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Kind of smells a little like this

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and this

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and makes you think of this

while doing this.

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That's how I feel

when I smell my arm pits!!



New Jersey Memories said...

That's so funny! You got me! I didn't see it coming!

Sweet Tea said...

It's the "total experience" that makes for the fun. Too cute!! LOL

Miss. Candy said...

That was so cute and I couldn't agre more, all of that makes me think of the beach!!! I LOVE the beach and the smells that come with!!!!

Nikki B. said...

LOL!!! i gotta get some of that! cuz, i did all that on vacation, and i would love to reminisce every time i get a whiff of my pits!!!