Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Hollywood "in crowd"?

My husband says it's the "Hollywood "in" thing". If you ask me, I'm just disgusted by all these men's behavior.

What am I talking about, you ask?

Well let's see? What do these men have in common?

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JJ Pictures, Images and Photos

LARRY KING Pictures, Images and Photos


I just don't understand what it is about people that cheat. The question I would like answered is this....


If you're not happy, talk to the person or get out of the situation before it gets to this point. Sure, everyone's situation is different and they may have their own complications but it is their duty as a spouse to let the other know they are not happy.

In fact, there's one story I heard where one spouse wanted out but the other wouldn't allow it so the one that wanted out went off and had an affair and made it to where they would get caught just so it was "blunt" that they wanted out. Ummm....ever heard of MOVING OUT?? I think that's pretty "blunt" without being a jerk about it. Sad. Just sad.

Maybe I'm just "old fashion" in that sense. I got married and took my vows seriously and would never cheat on my husband. No matter what storms may come. I'll leave before that would ever enter my mind.

So, as my husband said, perhaps it's the "Hollywood "it" thing" to do. If it is, it's lame and I want no part of that "in crowd"!

I would however, like to be apart of this


Jules said...

I agree. I just wish they wouldn't get so much publicity over what they did.

Sweet Tea said...

I am sooooo with you on this, GF!! These guys were all lucky to have the gorgeous women they had - without all their money they'd be just a "regular joe schmoo" and would probably have a tough time even getting a girl, let alone a gorgeous one. Money doesn't change the rules for them. They are so weasely (word?) on so many levels...I must calm down. See what you started. LOL