Monday, April 26, 2010

Toss those cookies

I'm not talking the yummy kind either that you later feel guilty about eating cause you just went hog wild. No. I'm talking the computer kind. So, the next time you plan on packing your bags and traveling, keep this in mind before making your reservations.

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My husband loves to check the travel section of the newspaper. In the Sunday paper, there is always great information for us as we tend to go places all the time. I know, you were probably completely unaware that we go places all the time, huh?! ;O)

Anyways, he was checking the travel section again this weekend and what valuable information he found this time.

You see, when we plan trips to different places, we always check different sites at least a month or two in advance meanwhile, checking these sites often to get the best deal. Apparently, airlines and other travel websites know this and when they know we're about to make our reservation, they jack the price up. We noticed this on our most recent reservation for our Vegas trip coming up in June.

What happens is, these sites will place a cookie on your web browser and they track each time you go onto their site and just as you start the reservation process, the price all of a sudden goes up and the previous price is no longer available. How convenient, right? So what they (travel experts) recommend is to delete all the cookies so they can't track you, that way you still get that great deal.

Here's the article for more information.


Sweet Tea said...

You are Smarticle!!
I've noticed that and wondered at the strange "coincidence" that I always miss the BEST price. Yes Ma'am,

A. K. said...

I love browsing the travel section and looking at all those offers and deals.. Unfortunately i hardly take a vacation...

InspiredDreamer said...

Hey there, I roll-called right after you today at SITS! I'm really glad I did too, I cannot believe this!!! Well, actually I guess I can, but that's just soooo wrong. Note to self: always delete cookies before going back to a website to purchase tickets I'd already looked at.

Have an Extraordinary Day!

Nikki B. said...

unbelievable!!! actually, it's totally believable, but, surprises me, nonetheless!! jerks!!