Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kim's Angels

Hi everyone!

I'm helping to try and get the word out for a special bloggy friend of mine, Young Momma.

First of all, if you know who Young Momma is or if you're a follower of hers, you would know that she has kept her identity under wraps. She have never posted any pictures of herself or her family, let alone, used her real name. So in other words, we have never seen what she looks like.

Well, her latest post she has finally revealed herself. What a joy it is to finally put a face to the blogger!! YAH!!

Now, the whole point of her "coming out" is to try and get the word out for her organization she just started called Kim's Angel's. It's named for her mom, whom she lost 6 years ago to lung cancer.

So, what her organization does is has different fundraisers and events to help raise money to help fund different causes. They even have events to help raise money for families who are in financial need caused by hospital bills and such.

So, please...head on over to Young Momma's blog and check out what her organization is about.

1 comment:

Young Momma said...

You rock! Thanks so much for the support Kim!! :)