Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Voice Makes All The Difference

Since my daughter is sick, we have been watching cartoon after cartoon from our Netflix membership through the Wii machine. Totally awesome, by the way!!

So, once we finished watching Clifford's Big Movie, my daughter started to browse through the different children's titles. We saw Kipper the dog. What a cute dog too. He actually looks like a little puppy.

Kipper Pictures, Images and Photos

It wasn't until she pushed play that we came to the realization that Kipper isn't a cute little puppy but instead an adult Englishman. WHAT?!

Me: I expected him to sound cute.

My daughter: I know! I thought he was a puppy.

Me: Me too

My daughter: I don't actually like it.

Me: Why? Because he doesn't sound cute?

My daughter: Yeah!

Honestly, if they're gonna make a Align Centercute little puppy, or any cute little character for that matter, they need to have a cute voice to go with it.

Isn't it funny how a simple voice will turn you away from something?!
Oh, and before I close, my daughter just said "Kipper is an adult and he likes to play with toys. Isn't that weird? Isn't it?!" Silly, silly girl!

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Miss. Candy said...

My daughter was a Kippper lover!!! She is six now. She would do the entire little dance/thing he does in the song at the start of his show when she was just 2! We thought it was so cute! But yes, the voice does not seem to fit him! lol!