Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Sure Miss...

Isn't it amazing how a simple song, movie or picture will make you reminisce and miss something so terribly?

The other day I was watching the movie, Murphy's Romance with Sally Field and James Garner. Such a good movie. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

Anyays, that movie was made back in 1985 and it made me realize one thing, something that I have felt before, many times before but I had that feeling once again.......I sure miss the 80's!!

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I sure miss the Summer days in the 80's. I remember the feeling the sunny days would give me. In fact, I always referred to them as "an L.A. day", even though back then I had only been to L.A. once in my life but that is the feeling it gave me anyway. Still today I say the same thing and now so does my husband.

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I sure miss the music. Back then I never went to any concerts. It just was never my thing but as I got older did I start to see all the rock bands. However, it wasn't until recently did I start to see all the 80's bands that I loved so much, from Duran Duran to George Michael to even Madonna. In fact, this Summer at Santa Cruz, the Flock of Seagulls will be there. Just another 80's band to cross of my list.

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I sure miss the silly art, decor and patterns. Even though it's so outdated and I would never have it in my house today, I sure do miss the abstract shapes and neon colors. The overkill use of mirrors all over and the fact that they made white and pastels so popular.

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I miss the hair. Oh yes, the hair. I had the hair too. My dad warned me that I would look back one day and think how ridiculous it looked but I insisted I would not. He was right.....but I still miss it.

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I miss the games. We had an Atari and my favorite game was Adventure (above). It was such a fun game! My mom ended up selling the system and all the games at a flea market cause it got old after awhile. Wish we still had it cause I miss it.

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I miss the movies. Okay sure, I can watch them anytime but I can never relive those days when they were made. I really enjoy the movies made in the 80's.

Being so young again without a care in the world (besides school and getting in trouble by my dad or my parents always arguing) I wish I could go back in time and relive those 80's moments.
Relive those moments of family time as a child with my parent's. Relive those moments when two of my grandparent's were still alive. Relive those moments of pure innocence.
I sure miss it!

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Trina said...

I miss the 80's too!!!!!!!!!