Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I took the leap. Yah me!

I'm really bad about making appointments. Like for doctors or dentist or just whatever. I don't like getting on the phone, which I think may be my problem.

Wehn I do remember, it's while I'm in the shower or in the car. Those moments when I just can't grab the phone and call. By the time I'm in the place where I need to be to make that call, it always slips my mind. Convenient, right?

I'm that "anti-phone calls"!

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So, last year I actually made an appointment for the dentist, for both myself and my daughter. The appointment was right smack in the middle of March, tax season. My husband had an appointment a couple weeks prior and he got a reminder call so I didn't worry about it. They were gonna call me, right? WRONG! I never got a call so I never made my appointment.

A year later, still no visit to the dentist.

Well, I finally got the urge and my memory was working at the moment that I called. I made that leap! My daughter and I actually have an appointment next month. I can't wait to have nice sparkly teeth and nice fresh breath. You know, that feeling when you feel ready to face the world cause you just left the dentist feeling minty clean and leftovers of all the gritty stuff.

Just one thing makes me ponder about the dentist. Why on earth do they ask you questions while they have tools in your mouth? I mean really? Is that necessary? It's probably an inside joke thing they have going. Also, because they know this is probably one of the world's most asked question, that they have to keep it going just to be funny.

Oh, and can you imagine going to the dentist with this guy as your dentist?

dentist Pictures, Images and Photos


Jules said...

Oh my goodness, I am the exact same way with the phone and appointments! Maybe there is a medical name for this sickness...

Sweet Tea said...

Where is that Dentist????
I would love to have him for a dentist. I want a dentist who will give me all the perks and "babying" he would give a 5 yr old...Hate going to the dentist!

Nikki B. said...

i love that mask!! i gotta find those!! i hate the dentist, and keep meaning to make appt's. i know what you mean!!

Trina said...

Well..Being an RDA (registered dental assistant) I must say that I understand mumble really well...lol! Yes, to a fault we do ask you questions when we are in your mouth...but thats usually when we think of them....like when you think of making your appts when youre in the shower or the car....lol!
Good for you making your appts! Proud of you! Now get in there and mumble away while they have their hands in your mouth! =)