Friday, April 2, 2010

Fabulous Foto Friday!

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I know I've missed the last couple weeks but I had a good excuse.

We drove 330 miles each way to LA and back.......two weeks in a row. I know, CRAZY!

Let's just say, I'm still working on catching up on my sleep.

As I mentioned here, we were driving back to LA to go to The Grove for a "Talk/Q&A/Book Signing" for none other than Jennifer Love Hewitt.

I was so worried that there was going to be a long line and I wouldn't get my chance to meet her.
Well, I worried for nothing.....

Here she is arriving.

Here, the Press in a frenzie.

I had my husband get this shot since there was no way I could see over all the photogs.

OMG!! Look....she's looking at my baby girl. *screaming* LOL!

She's still looking at my baby girl...AND TALKING TO HER!!! LOL

{Trust me, I can get completely carried away here.}

Unfortunately, my husband was told to stop taking pictures when Jennifer was actually talking to me :o( At least I still had my "moment"!!

Anywho....I was extremely disappointed though cause we were supposed to have a "Talk/Q&A/Book Signing" but it turned out to be just a "book signing". For whatever reason, there was a change of plans and there was no explaination to go with it. I was so upset. So upset that I even woke up the next morning with that as my first thought of how mad I was. Remember, we drove over 300 miles one way just for this event. *sigh*

Well, I wouldn't change the fact that I went though. At least I got to meet her, got my book signed and got pictures!!


I hope everyone has a FABulous weekend and Easter!

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Christie said...

That is a Fabulous Foto! Congrats on meeting JLH! She is super cute