Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writing Assigment: Celebrities!

I decided to do a Mama Kat workshop this week. I don't even feel like blogging right now but I thought this would be a fun one for me so what the heck, right?!

So anyways, this week I've decided to do....

Prompt #1: Write about an experience you have had with a celebrity.(inspired by Jenn from She Says…)

This is a super easy one for me. A perfect one for me also considering I'm the Hollywood gossip guru, the star struck celebrity fan and wanna-be paparazzo! Yes, this was the perfect one for me!

I don't just have 1 story to share with you. Not even 2! No siree....well, let's just get on with this....and I'll try not to drag it out on you ;O)
{UPDATE: my husband just reminded me of another one so I have to add this cause I forgot. Sorry to make this so long!}

Celebrity #1

bill clinton Pictures, Images and Photos

It was back when former President Bill Clinton was campaining to be President. He came to the town next door to ours and was having one of those speech things. Since we're Democrats and my dad was voting for him (I was too young to vote), my dad wanted to go and see his speech and hopefully meet him. I on the other hand saw "Famous Person!" so of course I had to be there.

I got to meet him and shake his hand. Fortunately, it was before the whole Monica Lewinsky!

So yes, I can say I have met President Bill Clinton, one of the President's of the United States...before he was President! ;O)

Celebrity #2 & #3

It was back in 1990. They were having a teen fair in my town. I was not quite 16 yrs old yet either. Almost though. I intentionally went to this teen fair because there was going to be two teen idols there. You know me and celebrities! Oh yes...this love affair has gone on quite some time, my friends.

Anyways, it was the days of "Life Goes On" and "Alf". So they had Tommy Puett, the blonde neighbor boy from "Life Goes On"

and Andrea Elson, the daughter from "Alf"

Andrea Elson

Some of you may know who they are, some probably don't.

Anyways, there was a big crowd of girls waiting in line to meet Tommy Puett. I was there with my mom's BFF, Diane and her step-daughter Wendy, my BFF at the time. We were no exception to this crowd. It wasn't that I really watched Life Goes On and had a mad crush on the kid. No, not at all. It just had "CELEBRITY" written all over it so I was there!!

We waited and waited and they closed off the line before we even got close so Diane said to me and Wendy, "Come on! We'll go around and see if we can get closer." Wendy stayed but I followed Diane. We went all the way around the building to a different entrance where we could see him and his agent people. We were right there in the front looking at the ravenous girls. The agents people saw us and we asked if we could get an autograph and they told us to follow them. They took us to this room. It was like a conference room. Not only was Tommy Puett there but so was Andrea Elson. Diane and I were able to get autographs and our pictures with them. It was so awesome! Only thing is, I have no idea where my memorabilia is. There probably packed away in the garage. No where to be found. All I have is the memory and it was great!

Celebrity #4

It was 1993 or 1994. My hubby (boyfriend at the time) and I read in the paper (yeah, we had to read the paper to get our information back then cause we didn't have a that the Oakland Coliseum was filming "Angels in the Outfield" and they needed extras.

Filming a movie + Actors = I'm There!!

Both Tony Danza and Danny Glover were there but this particular day was Danny Glover! That's right! I was so excited too! After filming some, he came right by our section in the stands and started signing autographs. I had nothing but saw someone else have Danny sign a dollar so that's what I did. I grabbed a dollar.

It's reads, starting from the top: To Kim Go in Peace Danny Glover

And lastly......

Celebrity #5

My husband and I were at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Don't recall exactly what year but it was before we got married. Couldn't have been that long before so maybe somewhere between 1999-2001.

We were playing blackjack and while we were chatting with the dealer, I was scoping things out. Hoping to see a movie star. Then after a little while, I noticed someone. That's when I asked the dealer "Is that Dennis Rodman?" The dealer replied back "Oh, yeah". Dennis came right over to the table right next to us. I was so excited! The pitboss got him his chips and at one point, Dennis knocked over his drink. When the people working in the middle grabbed a towel to wipe it up, Dennis grabbed it and started to clean up his own mess. I. Was. Impressed!! You would think someone famous would expect others to clean their messes, not him!

I never did get an autograph but I did purposely get up and sit at the seat at my table that backed up to his...hee hee! Just so I can say "I was like, seriously only a foot away from DENNIS RODMAN!! I could have touched him if I wanted too!" Okay! Anyways. I am by no means a basketball fan...AT ALL! But he's famous!!! Hello?!

Okay yeah....there is a celebrity #6,

but most of you already know about this one cause I just blogged a blurp about going to see her a few weeks ago so I'll make it short.

We went to The Grove in Hollywood a few weeks back just for the book signing for Jennifer Love Hewitt! I was so excited cause I'm a huge fan and even watch Ghost Whisperer too!

(My daughter and Jennifer Love Hewitt)

(Me and Jennifer Love Hewitt) head on over to Mama Kat's to see what other bloggers are writting about.


Single and Sane said...

Wow, 6 celebrity stories. Very impressive!

KG said...

awesome celeb stories. i've never met a celebrity. my husband met Sarah Palin once, he wasn't impressed. =P

stopping by from sits. have a wonderful day!


Life with Kaishon said...

Holy Wow. You really have met a lot of celebrities! Wow. I can't think of any that I have met. I need to be cooler like you : ) Loved your stories. Super! Love your dollar bill. Very, very cool.

Erin said...

Isn't it funny we get autographs and such and never know what becomes of them?

Great stories

Ms. Wanda said...

You are on a roll:) I think every time you meet one you've got to post a picture and tell us all about it!!! OMG Alf I totally forgot about that show thanks for sharing that:)

Amy said...

ooh i would love to meet Jennifer Love Hewitt. Absolutely love her.

I'm impressed that you have so many stories!

Mama the Chef said...

Jennifer Love Hewitt is so pretty! She is one girl I think I could get along with.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I enjoyed your celebrity encounters as well!