Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Hollywood Weekend!

This past weekend we went to Universal Studios and Hollywood. We usually go down there for Disneyland and only Disneyland but we have been wanting to go to The Grove, which is an upscale strip mall where the celebrities usually go, as seen on TMZ. Then also to Pinks Hot Dogs, also where the celebrities go. See a pattern here?

I. Am. Hollywood. Struck!!

I think I'm wearing off on my kid too!

So while we were down there, we did a lot!

We went to Universal Studios the first day. We've been there before but my daughter was much smaller so it was all new to her. We went on all the rides. Not that many to really miss anyways. Saw all the shows and also did the tour of the stage lots and backlots of where the movies and tv shows are filmed. I even saw Wisteria Lane *giddy laugh*

Look! It's Gabby's house!!

Then we made our way to The Grove, camera in hand. I was hoping to spot a movie star. You know, be all paparrazi like. Perhaps see one I actually knew. However, for all I knew, someone famous could have walked right by us and I had absolutely no idea cause I don't watch there show and have never heard of them.

Unfortunately, we didn't see anyone this time.

But we did go here for my daughter...

Then, since my SIL was with us, she has this thing about going to cemetaries to find the celebrities there. Whatever floats her boat. So we went.

We went to the Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills. I am telling you....I have never in my life seen anything like that in my life. Kid you not, there were seriously like 8-10 funerals going on at the same time through out the cemetary. It was a huge place too. It was so sad but at the same time. there was so many cars and people, it looked like something from the movies. Cars were driving in there as if it were an amusement park. So strange.

Well, my SIL had a map of what celebrities were there and where abouts in the place. It was so hard to find and honestly, it kind of felt morbid being out there doing that (almost disrespectful too), so we tried to wrap it up and quick. Not something we like to do. However, in the time we were there, we did manage to find one celebrity site. It was Brittany Murphy's. It didn't have a headstone yet and at the time, we weren't sure it was hers but we did have a feeling cause there were confetti stars and hearts along the edge of where the grass was put back. There was also some flowers, one in a wicker looking pot holder with a big butterfly on it. Well, when we got home we looked on the internet and sure enough, it showed the flowers with the butterfly and had the confetti around it like we saw. In the picture online there was a picture of Brittany which wasn't there when we saw it. I would share a photo but that just felt tacky and I wasn't about to do that. My SIL however has a picture! *sarcastic smile*

I did however take these pictures while there at the cemetary!

Moving on....

After that, we made our way to the Hollywood sign. Honestly, my hubby and I have taken a picture of the Hollywood sign before.....but nothing like this..

Then we went to Pinks Hot Dogs. I was all excited too. Seeing the place on The Food Network and hearing about all the celebrities going there. They just had to be good, right?


In fact, I was disappointed! (Sorry Pinks!)
The chili was bland and greasy. Not much flavor going on.

See Noodle peeking behind my hubby?! Too cute. Do you also see my SIL right there holding the tray of food? See that big, long hot dog with chili on it? That's mine! *oink oink*

No, I didn't finish it either.

That's because I was also sharing a hamburger, fries and onion rings with my husband.

I think that deserves a bigger....



So, you ask what's next for us? No?

Well, I'm gonna tell you anyways!

We're going back done there this weekend...LOL!

Why, you ask?

That's right! Jennifer Love Hewitt. She's doing a book signing at The Grove on Saturday and I plan on getting her autograph and my picture taken with her!

I told you I was all Star Struck!!

Hopefully I can report back, picture and all!


Jennifer said...

Wow!!! Sounds like a great trip! Can't wait to see your picture with JLH!!

~ Jennifer

Jules said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! That long hot dog with chili sounds really good about now...

Miss. Candy said...

My husband I went to Hollywood last year, I actually got a Valentine's Day makeover for him from Dr. Phill! lol! We had a blast and the only famous person we saw was one the boys from the show Hannah Montanna, my daughter was thrilled when we told her!