Sunday, March 7, 2010

In 10 years....

Nikki over at Life as we know it... tagged me on a fun little game. Thanks Nikki! I love doing these :O)

It's called 10 years and basically, I just describe where I’ll be/hope to be in 10 years, and then tag 10 people to play along!


So, let's 10 years it will be 2020...YIKES!! That sounds so futuristic to me. Perhaps it's the fault of all the movies out there. If you remember the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" (yeah, I never saw it) and how it depicts todays world as being "spacey". Well, clearly not but technology has taken over, just not as much as they had made it out to be. Thank goodness!!
Anyways, I don't plan on having any flying vehicles, that's for sure ;O)

I will however, have a 18 year old child. I'll be in my mid 40's *barfy gag* which of course I don't plan on looking it and not because of plastic surgery (I don't believe in it) but because if I'm anything like my mom, I won't need plastic surgery!!

I hope to still be in my marriage and my husband will be going to church with me. Not because I make him but because he wants to be there. My prayers should pay off by then :o)

I plan on being successful in my photography business and not still working on my website. *guilty giggle* I would hope that I will have my gallery that I plan on opening up one day. If not in 10 years, I hope to be more than half way to my goal.

I hope to continue to have a special, open, loving relationship with my daughter. One that will allow her to trust in me and know she can come to me anytime she needs me.

I hope that my faith will grow and I will be closer to God. I hope that my faith will radiate off of me and onto my daughter, husband, family and friends. I hope to be what God intended me to be and if not fully, at least heading in the right direction.


I will now tag the following:

Sweet Tea

Denise @ Laughing with Spoons

Summer @ Le Musings of Moi

Stesha @ Hot Chocolate Carmel Mocha

Amarie @ My Pretty Pink Blogette


Stesha said...

In 10 years you'll have an 18 year old and my oldest will be 22! Girl, what are we going to do? I know for sure your business will be a big success in 10 years. I'll be able to say "I know her" now let me into this fancy shindig! LOL!

Thanks for the tag!

Hugs and Mocha,

Life with Kaishon said...

You have some AWESOME goals for 2010. I don't even like to think of our babies growing up that much. Pure craziness! I am so jealous that you look young like your Mama : ) What a blessing!

Kellene Maynard said...

Awesome post... what a great idea! I just might have to try this on my blog too! I think your goals for the next 10 years are awesome! As a fellow photographer, my advice is to just take the plunge!! It is scary trying to get your name out there, but the payoff of seeing your finished work for a client outweighs all the anxiety!! Stopping by from SITS!