Monday, March 8, 2010

THIS could be YOU!

It's always good

to be aware
when playing on your phone

cause you never know

who may be reading your emails or Facebook comments!


Amarie said...

Were these candid photos someone took? They actually make screen protectors for some models that block out what you're looking at from people around or behind you. Saw them at Tmobile. I'm never writing anything personal, anyway lol.

Brittany Ciara Sheets said...

Wow, good thing I always try hiding my phone when I comment, but it's not like other people are not going to read it. :P Thanks for sharing.

Visiting from SITS.

B Sparkly said...

Stopping by from SITS!! I only go online from home:)

Transparent Mama said...

I am in need of more details. Did somethin happen??? Coming by from SITS. You are just lovely.

KimJohnson said...

This is sooo very true and exactly why I don't use my mobile for my banking!!!

Em Static said...

Hrmm.. This is why I duck into a corner or find a way to shield my screen while texting. Not that I'm ever saying anything interesting.

Stopping by from SITS.