Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Wrath of April 15th.

Well, it's tax season now. Since I work for a CPA firm, that means more hours.

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I used to work full time at my prior jobs until I worked here.....almost 8 years ago. That's when I had my daughter and I wanted to work part-time so that I could enjoy watching my daughter grow up. So I work 3 days a week.

In tax season though are when the days increase. Sure, not a bad thing. I can actually list two things about that, that I am truly grateful for:

1. I have a job!! Woo Hoo!!
2. More hours means more mula!

However, I have to admit.....

I got spoiled!!

I like my 4 days off a week. I do! It's wonderful!! Now that my daughter is on Spring Break, I am working an extra day each week. My boss asked if I could work 5 days but I refuse to miss out on both days off during the week cause I want to spend time with my daughter. I enjoy spending time with her!!

This time of year is so stressful too. Like I have to tell you guys this.

But working here. The clients can be difficult and my boss gets mad sometimes. He'll snap at me cause the client made him mad and then I get an attitude. Then my boss will apologize which is cool. Yes, he's cool in that aspect. He doesn't get mad at me for getting upset at him. He feels that it's good to get mad and let it out. I just know my limits. Like the other day. He made me mad while I was on the phone and had to transfer a call to him and because he made me mad, I slammed the phone down. He was nice to me after that. :o)

Anyways....I will try my best to make my rounds and leave comment love and all but if I don't seem to be around much in the next month, you know why. Plus, I don't want to neglect my daughter either.

Have a great week!!


Alianna said...

I'm just gonna say ditto.

I'm not an accoutant but it's EXACTLY like that around here - except my boss is my dad and there are all sorts of weird respect lines to deal with.

P.S. I like your layout!

Jules said...

It's busy for me too, but on the other side. We own our own business and it takes me weeks to get everything ready to take in to our "tax guy"