Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Thoughts

I've got a mix-match of stuff to yap about, so grab your coffee or tea in my case, and relax.


The other day my husband and I were reflecting on the life of a dog.

What. A. Life!

Seriously! Dogs just have got it made.

They sleep whenever, play with their toys, sleep some more, eat, potty, play with their toys, get loved on by their owners (if their owners are loving, that is), run around and do silly things to make their owners laugh, eat some more, potty, sleep some more.

Now, this is the part that isn't so fun. It rains!

Sorry, unless your dog has some super, awesome ability to lift the toilet seat and hop on to do his business, it's outside for him!

My dog is actually funny in regards to this. He prefers to be let out front cause there is a porch cover that he can stand under while doing his business on the grass. However, in the back, he looks like a little deer tip toeing in the grass to avoid the wet sogginess of the ground.


Last week my daughter totally cracked me up. You see, the little darling has a Hannah Montana wig. This particular day she put it on, opened the slider door to the back and yelled "LOOK! It's Hannah Montana!!" and hurried to shut the door.

Okay. First of all, if anyone DID hear her in the first place, they sure in the heck didn't see her for the simple fact that she yelled it to our backyard. Second of all, she could have yelled that without the wig cause, again, it was to our backyard.

Since that wasn't enough, over the weekend she decided to wear her wig on the drive over to some friends house (so I could do my "pay it forward" deed!) and drop off some dinner for them.

As we were walking to the car in the driveway, there my daughter yells again "LOOK! It's Hannah Montana!!" This time she couldn't hurry to shut the door. She's out there in the front to all the neighborhood glorious. I just don't think anyone heard her though. I got a good laugh though!
Silly child!


With this devastating earthquake in Haiti and now Chile and then to make matters worse, the tsunami that followed, it is so heartbreaking what is going on in this world and the devastation people are facing. It really is so sad.

Then today, I read on the Internet about that horrible earthquake in Chile some pretty amazing yet crazy information....

That earthquake was so powerful that it shifted so much land mass that it moved the earth off it's axis 3 inches.

It also shortened our day by a few million-ths of a second.

Not only that, it even raised an island 6 feet!

Crazy, huh???!!! All I can say is......


Things are happening and it's not coincidental....

Matthew 24


Anonymous said...

I know I shouldn't be, but that last part just scared me a bit. Lol.

Mary said...

Loved the part about your dog! If it's raining hard, my schnauzer won't go out and do her business unless I go out with her.

Sweet Tea said...

Wow! You live with Hannah Montana. Amazing!! She's just way too cute, ya know?!