Sunday, March 14, 2010

My goal becoming a reality.

A month ago I shared that I was creating a website for my photography.

At that time, I seriously thought it was going to be up within a week or so.

Well, I was wrong.

It was more like a month.

But I am happy to say that the time has finally come.

This sneak peak that I shared has finally become a reality!!

{Click here for website}

There is one issue I have with the website and I tried to fix it but I wasn't having any luck so I gave up. It's the music. I wanted it to play continuously but it starts over when you click on the different pages of the site. I only put the music on the main page and then the gallery pages. I just thought it would be overkill if it started over on each page.

Also, in order for me to sell my landscape pics, I still need to get my business license and a license for me to work out of my home. So for now, I have booked an event here locally at an arts and craft fair. I plan on booking more when they come my way. I also ordered business cards to hopefully help get things going.

Also, I plan on venturing out in an area I'm still nervous about. Taking children's portraits. This is something I need to first get comfortable with. I will be working on this in the Summer time.

I was also offered my first wedding event however, I had to graciously decline it since I have never done a wedding before. Personally, I don't want to be responsible for someones special day and mess it up.

I will however go and take pictures just to get some kind of practice. I mean, since she is a friend it won't be all weird or anything. Maybe I can even give her a copy of the pictures on a CD or on a memory stick also. Just an idea.


Amarie said...

Congratulations!! Business license to sell your photos? Is that something the state you live in is requiring you do? Never heard of it. Going to check out the site now! So excited for you!!

Amarie said...

Simply gorgeous!! I've been trying to motivate myself to set up a flash site, and you have so inspired me. You're nature shots are simply captivating!