Sunday, July 25, 2010

I heard crickets...

Ever had one of those moments when you shared something that you thought was funny,

that you had even shared it with a few friends that also thought it was funny,

so you thought it was funny enough to share with total strangers?

Yeah, me too!

But then when I did share it to these total strangers........

chirping crickets Pictures, Images and Photos

Yeah, I heard crickets.

Not only that, you should have seen the look on their faces! One word.....


So you ask.....what was it I shared?

Since a lady mentioned her birthday was on June 9th, I thought I would shared the fact that that was also mine and my husband's anniversary.......and then proceeded to share, know, June being "6" and the 9th being "9" meaning "69"! "foot in the mouth" moment. But hey......I still think it's funny!!


Amarie said...

*blank stare*

LOL, just kidding!

Nikki B. said...

yeah...that never happens to me.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! or, it happens every effing day!!

what an awesome anniversary!