Friday, July 16, 2010


The last year or so I've been listening to the Christian radio station, KLOVE.

Before listening to it, I just couldn't bring myself to listening to Christian music. I guess I thought it wasn't "cool" enough sounding. Who knows. I guess I just expected it to song like it does in church. You know, from the hymns.

Well.....I was completely wrong. Wrong with a capital "W"!!!

The music they play is really awesome!! If you have never heard it before, there are so many different genres that I had no idea they had. They have Rock, Country, Alternative, and so on.

One of my favorite groups is Newsboys. I noticed that they were playing at a local counties fair so I made every attempt to go.

And I did.....

And they were awesome...

As always....

I'm so glad we were able to share this moment.....

Together as a family.

Knowing my husband loves this music also, really warms my heart more than you could ever imagine!!!

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