Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The joys of camping...

Over the 4th of July weekend, the three of us and my SIL went camping. Once we got to the state park, there were signs and warnings that the bears were out and about and to be aware and be smart about storing all foods and smelly things into the bear boxes.


Trust me, when it comes to bears or any other big scary animal like that, I take it seriously. I think I've watched too many "Faces of Death" videos and "I Survived..." shows that I know better! Well, it's just common sense anyways.


So, as the first night came upon us, we decided to go to the park's campfire program. Once it was over, we started to drive back to our camp. Then my husband said "Let's go to the overlook." I always get super scared going there at night. In fact, I always hope there are other people there in the parking lot. With it being pitch dark with only the stars and the headlights to our car giving off light, I just prefer being there in daylight. I'm always afraid a bear is gonna come walking out of the trees or bushes.

Well, as I'm driving slowly into the parking lot, off in the distance I see something little. It's hopping. Oh. My. Gosh!!! I instantly put the car into park and with the headlights still on, I jump out of the car and run over to this little, hopping cutie pie!!!!

Yes my friends, it was a toad!!!! I hurried and picked the little guy up and (brace yourselves) I just gave it all sorts of kisses!! Yes, I. Love. Animals!! I don't care either. He was feeling loved at the moment. That or scared out of his little picken heart. Who knows but I was in toad heaven. My daughter came over and gave him a kiss too. My husband meanwhile is just staring at the goofiness the he married!

My daughter wanted to keep him. So did I but I knew we couldn't. One, we didn't have anywhere to keep him while camping. Two, I just didn't want to shorten his life being kept in captivity. I know, I know. I'm such a good humanitarian. :O)

Don't think for a second as I watch this little guy hop



that I wasn't sad. I was......but I got over it cause I have this to remember him by!

Oh, and later that night we awakened by a bear in our campsite trying to get into our bear box. Let's just say.....I didn't sleep good the rest of the night.

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