Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let there be Justice!

When I was a young girl, we didn't have any really cute stores to shop for clothes at. We were stuck with places like JC Penneys, Mervyns, Kmart and maybe a little local shop or two.

From Kindergarten to 2 grade, I went to a private school so I wore a uniform. Then I transferred to the public schools and dressed average. I would wear stuff like my unicorn t-shirts and pants.

Then in junior high I got all awkward and dorky. Yes, I am embarrassed to this day. In fact, we joke about it at home how I had 2 pairs of corduroys, one pink and the other yellow. Got the visual? Yes...it's as bad as it sounds. Trust me....I had "DORK" written all over me. Lame thing about is, my mom tried to get me to wear jeans but nooooooo, I had to have my yellow and pink corduroys. Lame!

I did have one advantage where I didn't get picked on too bad cause my brother who is a few years older than me, everyone knew him & liked him cause he was cool. I was "Bobby's little sister". So no one really bothered me as much as they could have.

Then in high school I started hanging out with all the stoners so I dressed the part. I just didn't play the part, per se. I was a "good girl". I became a little "cooler" I guess you can say. I dressed more current.

Now I have a daughter. My daughter, at the early age of 8 is totally and completely into fashion {unlike I was at her age, wearing my unicorns} , in fact, she hopes to become a fashion designer when she grows up.

Anyways, with a daughter, I get to shop at cuter places than we were able to when I was her age. So honestly, you think I'm gonna put my child in dorky clothes? Let her go through what I did, that was by my choice though, back then. I know...DORK! Moving on...

So my daughter and I love this super cute store.

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They are a bit pricey but I only have one, "uno" child so I can spend the little extra it takes to clothe my child, umm...well....Cute, not Dorky! Sure, I don't go there all the time, my mom does! {Hey, she's an only grand child. Let my mom have her fun!} Anyways, I'll go to Target also. They've also got some cute clothes.

So anyways, this weekend we bought my daughter her "First Day of School" outfit.

$70 later. It definitely helps being an only child, that's for sure!


A. K. said...

Yellow and Pink! Must have been a sight! I used to have a purple T-shirt with a peach...

Your angel look so cute. A fashion designer! WOOW!

Nikki B. said...

I LOVE THAT STORE!!! and seeing as lily has two bratty brothers, we never get to go there, because of that price tag!

that outfit is awesome! tell S she looks fabulous!