Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Tweet.....for now...

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Have I jumped on this bandwagon.....AGAIN? If so, for how long this time?

Okay, I created an account some time awhile back ago but you were lucky to get an update out of me once a week. Heck, once a month for that matter.

I mean, honestly....what did I have to say that was so important to hear about every hour?

I still wonder that.

Then we went to Sacramento for Tori Spelling's book signing. {Which I'll post about that soon.}

While waiting in line, the lady in front of us was on her phone checking her Twitter and noticed that Tori was updating all her fellow "Tweeters" out there, to let them know she was running late.

"ALL my fans/friends at book signing N Sacramento at Borders-sry we will B late.Car/driver got pulled over.Cops makin him get out of car!O NO"

"Driver got stopped for no license plates on car. But cop is being really mean and I just tried to get out of car to see what's going on and cop said "ma'am get back in car now!"

"NO WAY!Aftr all tht cop comes ovr&says"I'm letting U guys go cause I hear U hve a signing U gotta get2. So can I get U'R autograph?" On way! "

"ABOUT 20 Minutes AWAY! Just about to enter Sacramento!"

Then she reassured us that we can take pics which is something I needed to be reassured. Especially since it was my husband's birthday and we were waiting in line for 4 hours for.

"Of course U can take pics! And we will personalize! RT @chelle1030: @torianddean @mehranfarhat Pls tell me we can take pics"

At that point, I wanted my very own phone with the Twitter app so that I could be "in the know". But I wasn't. I had to be updated through strangers. Whatever. It's not that important.

Or is it?

Cause here I am, 3 days later and can't seem to stay off Twitter. WHYYYY??

It's not like I'm reading everyone's tweets. I'm not. Just a handful.

I even changed my layout and picture. Like I felt like I needed to keep it updated and new.


It probably won't last. Just wondering what the heck my obsession is right now.

Do you Tweet? WHY?


Jules said...

I do have a Twitter account and use once a month or so. I haven't quite figured it all out. It is kind of confusing to me. I guess I just don't know what to tweet about 10 times a day...

Sweet Tea said...

You're too funny, Kimmy.
So now that you're big "Twitter Friends" with Tori Spelling, does that mean you won't be stopping by my blog anymore? Nooooooo - it can't be! Remember your Blog friends, we were here for you first...BTW, I take Beano so I won't tweet.