Friday, July 30, 2010

I Met Donna Martin!

That's what my husband said, anyway. lol {I sure love him!}

I had said that we were going to attempt the SF book signing for Tori Spelling but after much thought, {and the fact that my husband said if we didn't get pics at the SF one, he didn't want to go to the Sac one also.}

In his defense, I don't blame him. What guy wants to spend his birthday weekend waiting in line for an autograph he can less about getting?

So instead, we decided to just go to the Sacramento signing which was on my husband's birthday. What an awesome sport my hubby is! {Again, I sure love him!}

We got to Borders about 11:30am on Sunday. There was already a line too. I would say we were give or take the 100th one in line, plus or minus. Not bad considering there were 700 crazed fans there!

And because I wanted to stand out, I made a cute shirt for my baby girl who absolutely adores Tori's two kids, Liam & Stella. Also, because I noticed on Facebook, Tori was taking pictures of her fans that had fan shirts on. I know, sneaky me!

Anyways, so after we found out that she was running late, my daughter and I decided to go use the restroom before she got there. When we got to the restroom, there was a long line. Once it was our turn, my daughter and I took the big stall, together. There was only one other stall. My daughter went first and then it was my turn. While I was doing my business, we overheard one of the girls waiting in line say to her little girl "Say hi to Tori". I was thinking to myself "Huh?" At that point, my daughter peeks through the crack of the stall door and turns and looks at me all excited and whispers with excitement "Mommy, it's Tori!! It's Tori!! Hurry mommy, hurry!!!" So of course, I had to hurry. Once I opened the stall, there she was!! I'm all, "Well, hello there!" She said "hi" back. I was so excited! Apparently the girl that came out of the stall next to me was also excited cause she decided to tweet about it right at that moment.

When we came out of the restroom, there was a mob of people. It was just pure craziness however, I just couldn't get back to my husband fast enough, trying to fight through the crowd just so we could tell him we saw Tori in the bathroom.


It was our turn! She signed my books and even signed my daughter's t-shirt. Tori was super nice and I have to say, this book signing was SO MUCH better than Jennifer Love Hewitt's. {Sorry JLH!!} Tori even took a picture of my baby girl with the shirt and posted it on her Twitter! See?!

See....look at my husband's smile. He was having a great birthday, don't you think?!

We even got a picture with her BFF/gay husband, Mehran and he signed my books also. He too was super nice and I felt like I was just talking with one of my friends.

Guess who I'm now following on Twitter?

So yeah, Tori's gonna be Tori'ng {hee hee} when her childrens book, Tallulah comes out Sept. 21st. I'm just gonna have to have her sign that for my daughter now, right? Of course!!


Miss. Candy said...

That is such a great post!!! The shirt was a really cute idea!!!

Sadako said...

Very cool! I also think some 90210 people were in my dream last night, ah!