Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The 20 Second Rule

So I'm here at work and I decide to use the restroom. Mind you, I'm in a 10 story office building so the restroom I'm using is the one designated for the floor I'm on.

As I enter the stall, there happens to be another woman in the stall next to mine. As she finishes her business, she exits the stall to head toward the sink. This part is what is alarming. She sticks her hands under the faucet all of a second and goes straight to the paper towel. That's right, her hand went in and right back out. Just enough time for her hand to censor the water on. WTF??!! She did not just stick her hand under the water without using soap and for only a second. That is so gross! I know people do this all the time but do they realize where their hand was just a couple seconds prior to that supposed mini wash? Ewww!

This is the reason I have taught my child by the time she was 3 years old to use a paper towel upon exiting the restroom. Also the reason when we return home from an outing to the store or where ever, that the first thing we do is wash our hands.

I just can't get passed the fact that that woman thought she cleaned her hands. What the heck was she thinking? Maybe cause she used a huge wade of toilet paper and the layers kept her from touching anything. Whatever the reason, it just clearly shows why there are so many diseases out there.

Ok, I think I made my point. I just hope that lady reads blogs. Yes, I'm talking to you lady! On the 6th floor in W.C. in the building across from the Bart Station. Wash your hands better!!! *shutter*


Denise said...

Ugh - I never get why people don't wash their hands? Public restrooms are soooooooooo gross to me! I know that urine is sterile - but whatever else is in that restroom - ISN'T!

I also don't get the people that don't even put their hands under the water!

Also - thanks for the blog award - i will blog about it soon! I am also doing a new writer's workshop type thing! I hope you'll join in! :)

Stacey said...

"And upon leaving the rest room she headed back to her desk where she finished her sandwich that she was eating..."
I SO know how you feel, and we are a little "freakish" when it comes to "potty room germs"...dont people know that is where the stomach bugs come from? And oh so many other nasty germs and bugs...yeck!
"Spread the word, not the nasty bugs people!"