Friday, November 28, 2008

Dear Me...

So, the other day I had my hubby go down to Hollywood Video (since he was getting gas in the car anyway) so that he could pick me up a couple movies. One movie on my list was "Dear Me: A Blogger's Tale". I mean, come on.......Perfect, right?!

Since I opted NOT to wait in line for 24 hours in the cold just to sleep on the ground, or better yet, in an uncomfortable camping chair, I chose to get up at 4:50am this morning while my husband got up just so that he can go to work only to see all those crazy people out there for the oh-so-anticipated Black Friday! Booooo!!!

Note to self: No sale is worth the cold, lack of sleep just to fight through the crowds of crazy people when some people get trampled on OR in some cases, get killed in the process. Staying home in the nice warm house snuggled up with my blankie drinking a warm cup of tea, watching a movie while my child sleeps quietly is so worth not getting those $30-$150 in savings.....and saving my life! :o)

OK, back to where I left off......I decided that once my hubby left for work this morning, I would pop in that movie, Dear Me. I figure this would be a real "kick in the butt" to watch. You know, seeings I've learned to love my blog and bloggy friends :o)

After watching this movie, I guess now I am glad I have deleted some previous blog posts (courtesy of my husband) cause you really never know WHO is reading!

Onto another subject, Wednesday night Sabrina and I went to Kohl's cause I have this dress/long top (whatever the heck it is) and I wanted to pick me up some boots to go with it. Now mind you, I have NEVER owned a pair of boots in my life, so this whole boot thing is new to me. With Paul, he personally doesn't like the dress-top so I wanted to try and utilize it cause I LOVE it! It's has different shades of purples - my favorite color! Once I got home and put the dress-top on along with the boots, I went to show Paul and well, let's just say I didn't get the response I was hoping for:

Paul: "Oh, how cute." (with an unsure tone and look on his face)

Me: "You like it?"

Paul: (hesitation) "It's OK"

Me: "What?"

Paul: "I don't know. It's not you."

Me: "It's not me? But I want to try something different."

Paul: "I don't know, it's not you. Ask your mom."

So, yesterday when we went to my parent's house I put the outfit on and showed my mom. She thought it was super cute. Then I asked her "It's not me though, huh?" She says "No, it's not you but it is really cute!" So after that, I opted to keep the dress-top on and threw on my jeans. My mom liked that combination also and said "Now THAT'S you!"

Then this morning my girlfriend, Angie came over and I told her about the whole issue with the boots and all and she had me put the outfit on and she said that I just HAD to keep the boots cause I had told her I was gonna take them back. I don't know though. What do you guys think? Take the boots back or keep them???? BE HONEST!!!

BTW...Excuse the fact that I didn't do my hair yet. :o)


Denise said...

I LOVEEEEEEEE the outfit! And so what if it isn't "you". It may not be the old you - but it is a new you! :) I LOVE it!

Don't let others make you second guess! DH does that to me alllll the time! Keep the boots and the outfit - it rocks!

Trish said...

Sexy mama! I like it. BTW, I am a Black Friday girl. Yep, every year. I tell myself that I won't do that again, but hey, it's tradition. Anything to save a dime. Miss you. Love ya. And thanks for your prayers today.

jtr4511 said...

Just found your blog - you have to keep the boots! I loooove them. They are all the "rage" now. My daughter's can't figure out why I love them so much. I think we are headed back to the 80's!!