Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween fun

So, this year as I had previously mentioned in an earlier blog we had our 2nd annual Haunted House. Although we were a bit worried that we were putting so much effort into it and the possibility of rain, we still went for it. As hoped, this year was better than last year. We had kids from last year come through again this year. The turn out seemed to be much more, despite the sporadic sprinkles.

Paul was dressed up as Jason (Friday the 13th). My sister-in-law was a scary clown and I was a headless guy. The scene was where I was getting my head cut off. Oh boy, did that scare a bunch of people too!!! Awwww....pure satisfaction!! LOL!

Then there was Sabrina who was playing a girl who was locked up in a jail. I'll tell you, she sure was a good little actress too! Maybe once she gets older she can take Drama cause she was very convincing. So much so, when a boy came through he asked Sabrina if she really wanted out and Sabrina changed her tone from a frantic child to a calm "No". Here are a picture of Sabrina at school in a witch costume (also a picture of our pumpkins). She has so many to choose from. I really wanted her to be Cleopatra cause Paul and I bought her the outfit while in Vegas this year but she opted not. Hopefully next year cause it should actually fit her better then.

The night was successful and fun! As we were "closing up shop", we even had a lady drive up cause she wanted to go through and was bummed that she had missed our haunted house. "Next Year!" I'm just glad it's over, our cars are back in the garage and I can do the laundry without tarp hanging all over the place.

After the Haunted House, we headed over to my brothers house as he was having all our friends over for a get together. We had so much fun playing Catch Phrase! I've never played it before but had a blast!! Then Charlie (don't mind him. He was a bit toasty. lol!!) decided to bring up the Cinnamon Challenge, hoping someone would fall into his trap and sure brother did. Fortunately, it's was a success!! Way to go Bobby!!! Here's a video of it:

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Linda said...

Oh yes my friend, Your haunted house was lots of fun!! Too bad I had to chase my little man around all night, I really wanted to find my own corner in your maze of horrors and so that I could scare people too. Oh well, like you said, maybe next year! Wish we could have gone with you to Bobby's place, but I had to get my little man to bed. He was crashed before we hit the bridge! :o) Glad we got to see each other for a little bit. My boys had lots of fun as well. Hope to visit with you again soon. OH! Does Sabrina have this next Tuesday off for Vetrin's day? Maybe we can get together then!!??? Let me know.
Love your friend,