Monday, November 17, 2008

Feeling A Sense Of Accomplishment

Do you ever get that feeling that you have something that needs to be done and you just don't know where to begin? I have that feeling and that feeling all goes to the spare bedroom in our house.

The spare bedroom happens to be the computer room/play room. This is how the room narrows down:
  • We have our huge desk, which was something Paul and I wanted cause it had all the compartments that I had ideas for all before the time we bought it. Then we got it and it has become a mess. Bills, paid and new, just get piled in one area. I haven't filed in quite some time so Paul just ends up emptying the stuff into a box to make room. Then we have nik naks, mail, books, cords for the camera and just misc stuff that gets shoved in various spots. It's a mess and I want a smaller desk now!!
  • We have a air hockey table that I bought Paul last year for Christmas. This has turned into a table and has accumulated all the junk above and underneath. Poor Paul keeps saying, "Boy, I would sure like to play with my air hockey table you bought me last year". LOL! He helped with that mess, by the way!
  • Then we have two nice book shelves that has tons of Sabrina's books. I've been working hard on getting Sabrina to "put stuff back"!!! ARG!! It's organized though and nice looking as we speak, for now that is.
  • We have a bunch of Sabrina's toys cause her room is small and has her bed and dresser w/a mirror (big mistake!) that takes up so much room. Had I known better, I would have gotten the tall dresser instead of thinking a dresser with a mirror would have been cuter. So now we have to utilize the space wisely.

So yesterday, I went to Target and bought one of those storage shelves that has the colorful baskets. That is in the spare room which has helped out with some space in Sabrina's closet and room but still makes the spare room look nicer and organized. I have also tackled the air hockey table which you can now see the top of it and underneath :o) I can walk in the room and turn the lamp on without having to step over any of Sabrina's crap because I threw some it away or boxed it.

It's not complete just yet but it's almost there. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. Although, I still need to tackle that desk. Hopefully the new desk will be in our near future :o) We already have one picked out and it's not that much money at all so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

Also this weekend, Paul and I were able to get some Christmas shopping done for Sabrina. We still have some more stuff to get her but at least we have about half of it done. This is a miracle for us as we tend to wait a week or two before Christmas. Talk about stressful! Oh, and Paul on Friday went to Sears and found one of those gazebos and patio set that go for $300 each and got them for only $30 each. Talk about bargain shopper!!!!! I can't wait for summer again! So, keep your eyes open for those fabulous deals this year!!! You never know what you might find.

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