Friday, November 7, 2008

I hope I don't pay for this next week!!

I'm just in disbelief right now. You see, I went to lunch with a girlfriend of mine yesterday. She needed to get out to calm or vent and being the friend I am, I agreed to go to lunch with her.

She asked if Mimi's Cafe sounded good. I'm always open to new lunch places however, since I'm on Weight Watchers, I tend to get a little nervous with some places. This time though, I went ahead and bit the bullet and said "sure".

OK, I've been to Mimi's before and I figured I could choose from the "smaller" meal section. So browsing the menu, my friend mentions the Blackened Chicken Caesar Wrap. Sounds good. Maybe the Caesar might bite me in the butt later, but I didn't think it would be too big of a bite to my! So we both ordered it. It was delicious too! Came with a salad with a balsamic vinaigrette. Very tasty. Maybe I should have realized that it was TOO tasty for my own good.

So today, tracking all my food from yesterday and today, I looked on the Mimi's Cafe website to get the nutritional facts on that "oh so yummy" meal from yesterday, and what do I see??!! OMG!! It just cost me 37 pts. Now, if you're not on Weight Watchers, to give you an idea, I'm allowed 20 points....THE WHOLE DAY! Now mind you, that was just lunch! Good thing I didn't eat breakfast but I still had to eat dinner after that so now I have really dipped into my extra points for the week. Damn it!! My week just started yesterday too and I only have 9.5 extra points left. WTF??!! *sign*

Oh, and get this, I was browsing the nutritional facts to see if I could have picked something else that was less points and I found that my Blackened Chicken Caesar Wrap had the highest points out of the entire "smaller meal section". That's even next to the breaded chicken wrap. Go Figure!!

I shall protest Mimi's Cafe now! Never again cause that hurt! :o( Back to Applebees!


Denise said...

Well - don't beat yourself up! Just get back on track! You might be surprised that even if you DO eat all your 35 points (and then some) - you may still lose!

I REjoined WW again on Wednesday. I gained back 12 of the 22 I lost! :(

So back on track for me!

Linda said...

Aww, I'm sorry my friend!! That totally sucks! But, you have to be ready for days like every day life we have our ups and downs all the time, just like your points...good days and not so good days. YOU always make it work out in the end though. I know that you will be flying through this weight watchers free of charge very soon!

feather k said...

I like your quote about family in your true! Found you on SITS

mitdacthaman said...

have a nice day !!!